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Due with a baby (or maybe more!) in December 2013
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For parents that are looking for others that are expecting new bundles of joy in Decmber 2013
Hello! Thanks for joining us over here in the December_2013 community!
Once approved for membership please tell us a bit about yourself.
1. Your name/partner's/support person's and a bit about yourselves
2. Where you live (e.g. what country/region of said country - we don't need specifics!)
3. How you are feeling/What is going on with you right now?
4. Do you have other children?
5. What are you most excited for?
6. Have you already decided on the type of care/place of birth that you would like to have your baby in?
7. Any questions you have that other community members maybe able to help you with?

Please keep this community civil and kind - I am sure that we all have enough negativity already in our lives!
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